Renault Niagara Concept revealed as an electrified off-road pickup with lots of tires

Renault just revealed a concept pickup truck, so of course, it has America’s attention. This is the Renault Niagara Concept, and it’s meant to be a “glimpse into the style of the future Renault range to be built on the new Renault Group modular platform.”

At the Niagara’s scale and size of its bed, it’s barely a pickup. However, Renault found space for a pair of full-size spare wheels and tires back there since this concept is designed to take you off-road. A third spare is found atop the roof, so it’s safe to say you won’t be running out of tires anytime soon. 

Renault says the grille is meant to project a 3-D effect and carved it “like a mineral body.” The “Renault” text splashed across the front is done in a pixel format and was “inspired by pop culture.” Meanwhile, the headlight array is meant to remind of an eyebrow. All the colors chosen for the chiseled bodywork are themed around the Renault logo, and the camo aesthetic is meant to be an extension of the logo’s lines and patterns.

Renault Niagara Concept

This truck is meant for some serious off-roading, as it features tons of ground clearance, big front and rear breakover angles, a long-travel suspension and chunky skid plates for protection. The powertrain itself is a combination of a combustion engine to power the front wheels and an electric motor to power the rear, giving you a hybrid four-wheel-drive vehicle. Renault says the engine features 48-volt mild-hybrid tech, as well, but claims with the electric motor, you can do about half of your everyday driving under electric power.

Ultimately, Renault says the Niagara Concept is meant to provide a look into the future of what Renault will be sending to international markets through 2027, so look out for a rugged pickup to launch this decade with similar technology and styling elements.

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