Mitsubishi D:X Concept previews the next Delica off-road van

Besides the Montero/Pajero and the Lancer Evo, perhaps Mitsubishi’s most famous model is the Delica. It’s a minivan, but it also has serious off-road chops, and it has had them for decades. At the Japan Mobility Show, Mitsubishi showed the D:X Concept, which is a look a the future of the go-anywhere van.

The look is almost that of a steroidal VW I.D. Buzz, but it works. It’s chunky and aggressive, and of course it has huge tires. The single-box shape is a longstanding tradition of the Delica line for maximum interior space. Noteworthy are the laser headlights. The vertical sections can project lines ahead of the vehicle to help provide an idea of the vehicle width against the environment in tricky maneuvering at night.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept

The interior features three rows of seats, and the seats can slide and swivel for a variety of configurations. Particularly interesting is the lack of a dashboard, as well as anything ahead of where the dash would be. Instead, a glass panel for the grille and a giant screen showing what’s under and ahead of front of the vehicle take up the space. This allows for phenomenal forward visibility, especially useful off road. There is a small dash ahead of the driver and the steering wheel that blends into the door, and this is where instrumentation is displayed. Occupants also can enjoy a Yamaha-tuned sound system.

Mitsubishi didn’t go into much detail on the powertrain. It’s a plug-in hybrid, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it operates as a series hybrid like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. And that of course means that the D:X still powers all four wheels, as a Delica should.

Mitsubishi also didn’t share any sort of production plans. But we expect that a new Delica is on the way that will at least look a lot like this concept, even if some features such as the dash-free interior might not make it. Sadly, we don’t expect it to come to America, just like the current Delica.

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