Ford Ranger hybrid previewed for global markets

Ford developed the latest generation of the Ranger with electrification in mind, and we won’t have to wait long to find out what the firm has in store for its mid-sized truck. It previewed the hybrid version of the Ranger due out in several global markets on its social media channels.

Not confirmed for the American market yet, the gasoline-electric truck made its first public appearance in a short video that announces an unveiling date while revealing little else. Ford’s British division captioned the 10-second flick with “why compromise if you could get the best of both worlds?” followed by a lightning-bolt emoji, while its Australian arm simply wrote “the best of both worlds is coming.” Ford of Italy and Ford of Germany published the same video with a similar message, suggesting the Ranger hybrid will be sold numerous global markets.

The video highlights various sceneries, so how do we know we’re even looking at a Ranger? Good question. Play the video and pause it at the three-second mark. Look closely, and you’ll spot the pickup towing a trailer through the trees. We’re guessing that a handful of drivetrain-specific styling cues will differentiate the hybrid model from the existing gasoline- and diesel-burning models, but we can’t see what they are.

Similarly, it’s too early to tell whether the Ranger will receive a mild-hybrid system, a standard hybrid system, or a plug-in hybrid system. Ford is keeping specifications under wraps until the truck breaks cover on September 19, 2023. We’re guessing the model will make its debut with a plug, as it will be largely aimed at markets where plug-in hybrid vehicles qualify for big tax breaks, but that’s pure speculation.

Existing Ranger production for the U.S. market takes place at Ford’s Michigan Assembly facility in Wayne, Mich., which is currently striking against Ford. A PHEV built in the USA could qualify for an EV credit under the IRA; the amount would depend on where the battery is produced. 

Check back on September 19 for full details about the Ford Ranger hybrid. We’ll hopefully have a better idea of whether we’ll see the truck in our market at that time as well. And, if Ford is electrifying the Ranger, it’s reasonable to assume Volkswagen will also electrify the Amarok.

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