2023 Detroit Auto Show Editors’ Rankings

The 2023 Detroit Auto Show was back in its traditional location, though in its fall spot in the calendar, and it was another pretty quiet event. By our count, only five new models, or model lines, were revealed and brought to the floor; all of which came from Detroit’s own car companies. Still, some of them were quite significant, and the types were diverse. Naturally, we also had our favorites. So take a look to see how we ranked the reveals of the Detroit Auto Show.

5. 2025 Cadillac CT5

The refresh for the 2025 Cadillac CT5 is no great revelation, because it doesn’t have to be. An already solid, attractive design means only light tweaks were made to its appearance, and the new front fascia and redesigned lights just make the CT5 just that much more aggressive. So what was missing from the current model? Apparently, the answer was a gorgeous 33-inch curved LED display serving as both infotainment and instrument cluster. It has touchscreen capability to both the right and left sides of the steering wheel, and provides 9K resolution. Update some of the safety and driver assist tech, and — boom — the CT5 is properly modernized. Now bring on the updated Blackwing. –Senior Editor, Green, John Snyder

4. 2024 Jeep Gladiator

Jeep carved out plenty of time for what is essentially a no-brainer mid-cycle refresh, but there’s one among us who is easily swayed: Me. I dumped the maximum number of points allotted on the 2024 Gladiator with only three words of explanation: “I like Jeeps.”

But this is kind of a big deal. The Gladiator pulled a lot of weight for Stellantis during the pandemic by providing an alternative to pickup buyers while Ram dealers were scraping the bottom of the supply barrel. To be fair, we’re probably giving the Gladiator a bit of advance credit here for its promise to deliver a 4xe variant in 2025, but who else is talking about their PHEV pickup plans? Your move, Ford. –Associate Editor Byron Hurd.

3. 2024 GMC Acadia

The 2024 GMC Acadia is the one reveal from this year’s Detroit Auto Show that was actually a totally new vehicle, and as far as three-row SUVs go, GMC aced it. The exterior has its own personality separate from its Chevrolet Traverse twin. Its AT4 trim is legit with more ground clearance, a torque-vectoring rear diff and sweet orange marker lights on the fenders. I’m most blown away by the interior design, though, with that premium-looking waterfall infotainment display that looks borrowed from the Sierra EV and the great color options on the Denali. This SUV is going to be a contender now that it’s the right size with a torquey powertrain and upscale features aplenty – it even has Super Cruise! –Road Test Editor Zac Palmer

2. 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally

While technically the 2024 Mustang Mach-E Rally was revealed a week ahead of the Detroit Auto Show, it was close enough and a key part of Ford’s display this year that we felt it should be included as a Detroit reveal. Besides, it’s not like early reveals are a new thing for major shows. Also, we think it’s super cool, which should be obvious in part due to its second-place finish, here. How could we not? It’s the hottest Mustang Mach-E that will get a little extra torque and gets a fairly convincing rally treatment with unique, raised suspension, a big wing, extra lights and stout wheels. Heck, it’ll probably even be pretty comfortable on Detroit roads (at least relative to the GT). More stuff like this, please! –News Editor Joel Stocksdale

1. 2024 Ford F-150

The competition for our top pick from the show was spirited, but in the end the 2024 Ford F-150 won out. Ford refreshed the F-150 with an interesting tailgate, clever bed features and other updates, which will help defend the F-150’s position as the top-selling truck. Pickups are a hotly contested segment, and Ford continues to evolve its F-150 standard bearer in practical ways to benefit the consumer. –Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore

2023 Detroit Auto Show – everything you need to know

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