Toyota teases 2025 4Runner’s roll-down rear window

The second teaser – find the first one here – for the 2025 Toyota 4Runner just dropped, and it confirms the SUV will retain its roll-down rear window while confirming a reveal date of April 9. It also gives us a solid look at its rear-end design and a glimpse of the interior.

Starting on the outside, check out those new LED taillights. They’re not switched on in the teaser, but the LEDs look like they should give the 4Runner a new signature look out back. The all-caps “Toyota” text is situated right in the center of the tailgate and flanked by some texturized trim pieces. This look is a pretty significant departure from the more subtle Toyota badge that sits on the current 4Runner’s rear, giving the new SUV more of a rugged, truck-like aesthetic. The up and down arrows to the right of the Toyota badge are surely controls to roll the tailgate window up or down. Look up, and you’ll notice the chunky, raised roof rails in a brushed silver finish.

Direct your attention inside the 4Runner through the open rear window and you’ll see a massive touchscreen interface. It’s running what looks like the latest software interface present on most other Toyota vehicles. Based on the layout, the setup looks nearly identical to the new Tacoma’s. It has the same central volume knob below the screen, and the start/stop switch is mounted up high just to the left of the touchscreen. We can’t fully make it out in the photo, but take a peek through the gap in the driver’s headrest, and it looks like the 4Runner has a fully digital instrument cluster.

There are some other elements that mirror the Tacoma throughout. The passenger side vent appears to be the same shape and is wearing the same silver finish as you see on the pickup. Plus, the shape of the instrument hood is essentially the same as the Tacoma’s. Basically, expect the 4Runner’s interior to look just like the pickup’s when Toyota reveals it, which is now confirmed for April 9.

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