BYD will offer an electrified pickup for global markets

BYD is one of the most prolific EV makers in the world, battling Tesla for the top global sales position. The Chinese company is gearing up for the release of its first electrified pickup truck, though it won’t compete with the Cybertruck here in the States. Recent teaser photos show a pickup positioned to compete with the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux in foreign markets, joining BYD’s expansive catalog at a time when the company needs to become more competitive.

The boxy BYD pickup features a crew cab body with a unique sport bar over the bed. BYD didn’t release any details on the truck other than saying it would be its first “new energy” pickup, so the boxy ‘ute could come with hybrid or fully-electric powertrain options. We don’t know when the truck will land or how it will be priced, but BYD’s aggressive pricing and growth strategies mean it will probably be a compelling buy.

BYD is growing into markets all over the globe but said it has no plans to enter the United States. Small pickups are big business in several markets, including Asia, Australia, and South America, and the company’s mostly reasonable price points – as low as $10,000 for some models – have helped it grow at a rapid clip in the last few years. It likely also has the manufacturing capacity to make the trucks in large numbers, something Tesla struggled to manage in the early days of Cybertruck deliveries.

The automaker has enjoyed strong sales in recent times, though the first quarter of 2024 hasn’t been kind. BYD sold just over 300,000 EVs earlier this year, representing a 43 percent drop from the last quarter of 2023. Tesla’s deliveries also declined, but it managed almost 387,000 units in the first quarter, giving it back the top spot on the global charts.

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