UAW document notes Jeep Wrangler EV due in 2028, ‘midsize trucks’ in 2027

United Auto Workers members have voted to ratify new contracts with the Big Three and with Mack Trucks, the truckmaker having dealt with its own 39-day strike. The UAW put out documents for workers at each vehicle manufacturer highlighting the products and possibilities for existing and new facilities. The document for Stellantis workers lays out a bunch of electrification plans for the truck- and SUV-heavy automaker, including the expectation of a battery-electric trim for the Jeep Wrangler come 2028, plus a Wrangler with a hybrid range-extending powertrain.

Let’s work our way up to that. Keeping in mind that these plans can change, according to the paperwork, 2024 welcomes an updated version of today’s Ram 1500 sitting on the DT chassis and the introduction of the Ram 1500 REV and battery-electric trims. This same year, the Jeep Grand Cherokee receives updates.   

The current Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator gain a “PHEV upgrade” in 2025. The Wrangler already offers a plug-in hybrid in its highly popular 4xe trim; the Gladiator will be getting its first crack at a PHEV. It’s not clear if this is an upgraded version of the current 4xe system or something new. The current Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer built on the WS platform also get refreshes in 2025 and look to be joined by two new trims on the STLA Frame platform — the Stellantis architecture for trucks like the new Ram 1500 REV. These new trims will run on the Range Electric Paradigm Breaker (REPB) powertrain that Ram debuted, using electric motors exclusively to power the wheels and using a small motor as a generator to replenish the battery.

Also in 2025, today’s Dodge Durango bows out, making room for the next-gen Durango with internal combustion and battery-electric powertrains to arrive in 2026.

A lot of stuff happens in 2027. The new Grand Cherokee comes to life with ICE and BEV powertrains. The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer get a second lifecycle refresh as battery-electric versions go on sale. “All New Midsize Trucks” are headed for the Belvidere plant. This might mean a midsize Dakota pickup for Ram, fulfilling some truck shoppers’ hopes that will be at least 10 years old by then if it happens.

The Wrangler and Gladiator continue in their current generations until 2028, when the Wrangler’s new J70 generation begins rolling down the Toledo Assembly Plant lines with the REPB powertrain and maybe an independent suspension. There’s no mention of the Gladiator after 2028, so the other midsize truck listed for 2027 could be a new Gladiator or something different for the Jeep brand — perhaps a more work-focused hauler? 

When it comes to vehicles, the document mainly limits itself to plans that have been suggested or rumored for some time. There’s no mention of brand new offerings that we know nothing about the futures of, like Chrysler’s EV and Pacifica, Dodge’s muscle cars, the Jeep Recon EV and Wagoneer S, the Compass and Renegade, or the Ram ProMaster van. The Recon is supposedly coming next year, which is when the Wagoneer S was meant to debut. It’s thought the electric Wagoneer could be delayed and turned into the battery-electric Grand Cherokee in 2027; the Wagoneer S was meant to debut with its production name at the beginning of this year. Check out the Stellantis Hourly Highlighter yourself for all the info.

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