Hybrid Lamborghini Huracan successor caught in spy photos

The Lamborghini Huracán is getting old, having launched for the 2015 model year, and the car it’s based on, the Audi R8, is on its way out, too. While things like the Sterrato and STO have kept things fresh, a replacement is definitely on the way. These spy photos give us our first look at that successor, and it’s got some radical features, including some amount of hybrid power.

The overall silhouette of this car looks similar to the Huracán it’s going to replace. It’s a short, wedge-y shape with an ultra-short rear overhang. But many of the details are taken to greater extremes. The headlights are especially notable. They’re a split design, with slim horizontal lamps that line up with the shut line of the hood, and down in the bumper, there are huge hexagonal lamps that almost look like they’re floating in the bumper openings.

Lamborghini Huracan successor prototype

Toward the back, this car loses the big intake cowls that trail from the roofline, giving it broader shoulders and a more svelte greenhouse. It also loses the big louvres over the engine bay, instead having a more open design akin to some McLarens. The exhaust now exits high out the rear bumper through a flashy hexagonal exhaust tip between the taillights. What those lights look like is unclear as they’re covered by stickers of other Lamborghini lamps. The rear diffuser is huge and aggressive, too.

The powertrain for the new Lamborghini is rumored to be a twin-turbo V8, rather than the Huracán’s naturally aspirated V10. It will clearly have a hybrid component, as this prototype has a few high-voltage warning stickers indicating the presence of a hybrid battery and other components. Output reportedly could be as high as 850 horsepower. That’s a lot, but would still leave plenty of room beneath the Revuelto flagship supercar.

This prototype looks far along in development, and as we’ve established, the Huracán and its Audi stablemate aren’t long for the world. So we would expect to see this replacement revealed in a year or so.

Lamborghini Revuelto revealed, a V12 making 1,001 horsepower

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