GM Defense shows Hummer EV-based military truck concept

GM Defense wants to convince the U.S. military that it has even more of what the military needs. During this week’s Modern Day Marine 2023 exposition in Washington, D.C., GM Defense showed a new tactical vehicle concept based on the GMC Hummer EV platform. Called the Electric Military Concept Vehicle (eMCV), it uses the same Ultium platform and drivetrain as the retail Hummer EV. That means a 200-kWh battery (usable) powering three motors making 1,000 horsepower, with the two motors in back capable of torque vectoring, the single motor in front fitted with a locking diff. Upgrades over the dealership version include Fox shocks working larger 37-inch tires and heavy-duty brakes. The redrawn front and rear bumpers improve approach and departure angles.

The tube chassis and lack of body panels would shed some of the Hummer’s prodigious weight, nevertheless, range is reduced as a result of the other mods that reduce aerodynamic efficiency. Among said mods to the six-seater is a 46-inch gun ring and a swing side-arm mount when it’s time to clock in. The estimated range drops to 300 miles from the 329 on the retail Hummer EV.

Being mostly electric – more on that in a moment – the eMCV has features Silent Drive and Silent Watch driving modes could get fighters on-station with minimal noise.Plugged into a fast charger capable of 350 kilowatts, GM Defense says 12 minutes gets 100 miles of range. But when silence isn’t a necessary factor, this is a series hybrid. GM Defense added a 12-kW diesel generator that can provide “limited charging and propulsion,” which could also help charge “mission-critical equipment.”

A while back, the Army purchased a commercial Hummer EV for evaluation. The military didn’t request this new concept, a GM Defense spokesperson telling Defense News it was built as a sign of potential.

“We’re trying to showcase what is in the realm of the possible just so we can get the discussion going and help shape [the military’s] future requirements,” the spokesperson said. “They get to see the different sizes and how to customize it, the different options.”

The eMCV sat on the trade show floor next to GM Defense’s All-Electric Military Concept Vehicle, a Chevy Colorado-based Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) powered by a 60-kWh battery juicing an e-crate motor with 200 hp and 266 pound-feet of torque. The eISV was also built as a demonstrator without military input.

To show the military how it could provide power to such vehicles, GM Defense also brought its electricity storage solution called the Stable Tactical Expeditionary Electric Power (STEEP). Developed with Cummins Power Generation, Stripes said STEEP looks to one day provide a “modular, vehicle transportable system … for tactical and mobile microgrids.”

GM Defense already provides the gas-powered, Chevy Colorado ZR2-based Infantry Squad Vehicle. The Army and the Marines are working on a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), and the Army specifically is looking for an Electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (eLRV). The U.S. military’s largest branch is in the process of requesting proposals for prototypes now.

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