Genesis X Gran Berlinetta in Magma the latest Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Genesis just pulled up at the valet stand for the Vision Gran Turismo parking lot with this, the X Gran Berlinetta Concept. The South Korean automaker built a full-scale model for display during the Gran Turismo Series World Finals in Barcelona, Spain, before players get a chance to play the car in-game early next year. This is Genesis’ Athletic Elegance design philosophy stretched to its longest, lowest best and drenched in a hue called Magma.

Abstractions begin at the beginning, the automaker’s crest grille turned into a wide, polygonal void outlined by LEDs that merge into the Quad Lights we know from production vehicles. The light signature stretches beyond the ends of the front fenders, angling into the concave body sides across large vents, meeting the body beneath flared door panels. From the side, one can make out the stylized take on the merging parabolic lines also familiar from Genesis’ road cars. Moving back, numerous curvatures resolve into rear fenders that arch over the wheels before splitting into two elliptical forms: an outer aerodynamic structure with a built-in wing surrounding a concave rear fascia. Beneath, a large diffuser does its part for airflow underneath the coupe.

The interior sticks with minimal, shedding most of the curves. A screen in the steering yoke and a head-up display convey relevant information. Six dials form a curt row of controls across the doors, yoke and instrument panel. The Start button sits atop the center tunnel; the buttons on the doors open the doors. Because this is a luxury vehicle, Genesis says “The carbon cabin strategically incorporates soft touch points wherever the driver comes into contact.” Not too soft, though.  

If only Genesis would come out with a powertrain approaching what’s in the X Gran Berlinetta. A V6 of unknown displacement, capable of spinning to 10,000 rpm, peaks at 870 horsepower and 790 pound-feet of torque. A Yasa e-motor contributes 201 hp and 196 lb-ft, taking combined output to a claimed 1,071 hp and 986 lb-ft.  

The X Gran Berlinetta will be available in-game in January 2024. Genesis wants players to know that if they want the car early and automatically delivered free with the game’s January update, watch the Manufacturer’s Cup broadcast in GT7. Do this by clicking on the campaign banner in the top right corner of the GT7 world map screen, and don’t forget the popcorn.

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