Ford Transit Custom Nugget camper van offers PHEV, lots more features

There’s a new Ford Nugget in town, and this one’s not made of chicken. No, this particular Nugget is a Transit camper van. It has to have one of the cutest names in the automotive world being called the Transit Custom Nugget, but don’t get your hopes up too high, because this little van is a Euro-only product.

Similar to the previous Nugget, Ford is building this one as a collaboration with camper converter Westfalia. Ford starts from the latest and greatest Transit, which means you get all the benefits of the new model. Buyers can choose between a diesel engine producing 168 horsepower or a PHEV pumping out a combined 229 horsepower between the gasoline engine and electric motor. Ford says it’ll go about 35-42 miles on electric power using WLTP figures, but we’ll also note that this is the same setup as you can get in the Escape PHEV in the U.S. That compact crossover gets an EPA-rated electric range of 37 miles, but expect a weighed-down camper van to not go as far.

Ford says its new platform also gives the Nugget additional feature/utility capabilities such as an optional solar roof, new flat floor design, roof-mounted passenger airbag for a more useful dashboard, and independent rear suspension for better ride and handling. Those big, new screens sure look nice, as well, but Ford says this Nugget offers a lot of improvements for camping life over the previous one.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget

It still features a similar zoned layout with areas for cooking, living and sleeping. Ford says the sleeping area is situated such that with two double beds in place, you can still cook and get in/out of the vehicle without disturbing those that are sleeping. The L-shaped cooking area is updated, and the new fridge drawer can now fit larger bottles in an upright position. There’s a new integrated stove and sink (newly standard with hot water capability) that allows for 20% more counter space. Plus all the latches and handles have been converted to be soft close. The flip-up mattress is redesigned to offer more headroom in the van, and the track-mounted rear seats are designed to be operated with just one hand now.

Additional new features include self-folding fabric for the tilt roof, integrated storage for the outdoor table and chairs, blackout blinds to replace the curtains and new features in the living area’s touchscreen control center. You’ll be able to set mood lighting in various colors; Ford added an app to control the living space from your phone, and there’s an inclinometer to help you on uneven ground. The rear-mounted shower outlet is now standard, but the privacy tent is optional.

New niceties you’ll enjoy when driving or taking a break are heated front seats that swivel, optional heated rear seats (maximum capacity of five people), a bunch of standard driver assistance features and an improved audio system alongside USB-C ports for both rows of passengers.

Those in Europe can order the new Nugget now.

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