2024 Kia Sorento starts at $33,365, which is $1,600 more than in 2023

We finally have pricing for the non-hybrid 2024 Kia Sorento. Remember, the hybrid and non-hybrid have grown apart for this model year, the non-hybrid getting first crack at bolder styling, a new tech interface encased within a slick curved housing, more standard features, a new off-road(ish) X-Pro trim level. The 2024 Kia Sorento Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid don’t get any of that, and are the same midsize, three-row SUV you could get last model year; the hybrids will raise their game for the 2025 model year. Even though we’ve already covered hybrid 2024 Sorento pricing, it’s up a few hundred dollars since the last time we visited. So we’re listing all Sorento figures again here, to provide a fuller picture after the new non-hybrid pricing.

As usual, MSRPs for the non-hybrid Sorento after the $1,375 destination charge — which is also up $50 from a few months ago — and their changes from 2023 are:

  • LX: $33,365 ($1,600)
  • S: $35,765 ($1,500)
  • EX: $39,365 ($1,700)
  • SX: $43,065 ($2,500)
  • X-Line EX: $43,365 ($1,700)
  • X-Line SX: $44,865
  • X-Line SX Prestige: $47,765 ($2,400)
  • X-Pro SX Prestige: $48,765

Some notes: The LX, S, EX, and SX all come standard with front-wheel drive. Getting AWD on the S trim, the only FWD trim that offers a non-X-Line AWD trim, adds $2,000. The X-Line S on offer in 2023 is no more, the non-X-Line 2023 SX Prestige AWD is gone as well. Above that, there was an $800 difference in prices for the 2023 X-Line EX with AWD and the 2023 SX with FWD, the X-Line EX being less expensive. For 2024, they’re the same price, hence the $800 difference in the price increase amounts. The 2024 X-Line SX is a new trim; a 2023 Sorento SX AWD cost $42,365, meaning the conversion to X-Line added $1,125. Finally, the X-Pro SX, as mentioned, is new. 

The same for the Sorento Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid:

  • Hybrid EX: $38,365
  • Hybrid SX Prestige: $44,165
  • PHEV SX Prestige: $51,665

The Sorento didn’t get the head-to-toe makeover Hyundai applied to 2024 Santa Fe, which shares a platform with the Sorento. We figure that’s how the Sorento gets away with jumps of $1,500 to $2,400 instead of the Santa Fe’s increases ranging from $740 to $6,350. On the other hand, except for the base Sorento LX, the non-hybrid Santa Fe is still less expensive than the non-hybrid Sorento for comparable trim steps.  

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