New hybrid-powered Porsche 911 is 8.7 seconds quicker around the ‘Ring

It’s no secret that the next Porsche 911 will offer some degree of hybridization, and today, the company released a few details ahead of the full 2025 Porsche 911 reveal on May 28. 

A new, hybrid-powered 911 completed one lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7:16.934 minutes, which is 8.7 seconds faster than “the corresponding version of the predecessor model.” Which model is that? You’ll have to wait to find out until May 28. We suppose you might also be able to look up past ‘Ring times and do the math, but it’ll have to be with the current lap standard and … is that really how you want to spend your time? Patience young Padawan. Porsche offers that “the test car was equipped with standard road tires, plus the aero kit with a fixed rear wing that has been available as an option previously.” The lap was completed by Porsche brand ambassador Jörg Bergmeister. 

“We have more grip, significantly more power, and the spontaneous response of the performance hybrid is a great advantage,” said Bermeister in Porsche’s release.

Porsche also shared information about the hybrid 911’s testing.

“We left nothing to chance during development and tested the new 911 under all sorts of conditions all over the world from the freezing cold to scorching heat,” said Frank Moser, the model line vice president for the 911, in Porsche’s release. “All in all, our engineers and test drivers clocked up more than 3.1 million miles of development driving.”

Again, look for Autoblog’s extensive coverage of the new 911 on May 28. 

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