Jeep’s European Avenger gains AWD e-Hybrid [Corrected]

[Correction: This story originally stated that the two-wheel drive Avenger was exclusively electric. An ICE variant of the Avenger is sold in some markets; the first paragraph has been corrected to reflect this.]

Jeep’s tiny Avenger SUV will now be offered in a hybrid configuration, Stellantis announced Monday. The baby crossover is sold exclusively in Europe and, at least until now, was offered only with two-wheel drive powertrains. With the introduction of the new e-Hybrid, the Avenger will now be offered with four driven wheels. Hey, that’s the least you’d expect from something with a Jeep badge, right?

Stellantis issued a head-scratcher of a press release calling the new model an Avenger 4xe. Here in the States, Jeep sells both the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler in a 4xe variant; in Europe, Jeep has FWD-based 4xe variants of the Compass and Renegade. Regardless of their layouts, all are plug-in hybrids. This new Avenger, however, is not. 

What’s described here instead is a plain-old gas-electric hybrid. The powertrain combines a 136-horsepower internal-combustion engine and two 21-kilowatt (~28 hp) electric motors with a six-speed automatic gearbox. A motor integrated into the gearbox itself allows the car to operate in fully electric modes at low speeds for a limited time. 

“The combination of the 48V mild-hybrid technology with the all-wheel drive system into the Avenger 4xe represents the Jeep brand intention to offer a sustainable 4×4 driving experience while remaining inclusive and accessible to European customers,” the announcement said.

“The Jeep brand has always pursued the goal of opening itself up to people, through a full lineup of 4×4 vehicles adapted to every customer’s need. As a result of the Jeep brand’s electrification strategy, aligned with a world that is moving more and more towards environmental sustainability, the brand answer is an expansive and diverse vehicle offering, now more extensive than ever.”

It seems to us that Jeep is somewhat indelicately shoehorning what it would have otherwise called the “Avenger e-Hybrid” into the 4xe brand. Regardless, the fruits of their marketing labor are not meant for our shores. 

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